Our video MINI-SERIES will teach you Brazilian Portuguese step-by-step. After each episode we break it down, present the grammar rules, and show you how to pronounce the hardest words. Then, we quiz you on what you just learned.

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We’ve created the first online Portuguese course that will really teach you the language, not just help you memorize a few phrases. If you’re looking for a free Portuguese course, or just want to pick up some vocabulary,
I recommend duolingo for that.

The best way to learn Portuguese online is with video, not audio.

I’m James. I’ve been teaching Portuguese to foreigners here for 9 years and here’s what I’ve learned: Video stimulates your brain in a way that audio alone cannot. The Semantica Method uses video dialogs of real-life situations. It’s a radical departure from traditional books and tutors. And it works. These are Portuguese classes online, and they will get you out of the beginner category and talking to the natives as quickly as humanly possible.

Learn Portuguese with videos of real-life situations.

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It’s often really confusing to understand how Brazilians say who and which. Quem é? Who is it? That’s what you say before opening the door or when a stranger calls on the telephone. Simple. But what about the other ways they use who? Let’s look at some very common examples. É de quem? Who’s it…

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